What to do when your employee wants to quit

Employees quitting is a common occurrence, driven by various reasons such as career advancement, changing priorities, or office culture misalignment. 


In this episode, Bryan emphasizes the importance of knowing how to deal with an employee who wants to quit, sharing signs of a possible resignation as well as strategies on handling resignations with grace.


Common signs that an employee is considering quitting


Signs of an employee wanting to quit include decreased enthusiasm, increased absenteeism, and a decline in work quality. Preparation is key, whether you aim to retain the employee or let them go. In this episode, Bryan shares how to do it successfully.


How do you prepare for the potential of an employee leaving


That depends on your desired outcome.


To retain the employee, initiate communication to identify pain points and negotiate solutions such as salary increases or changes in work arrangements. 


If you want to let them go or if their resignation is inevitable, handle the situation calmly and professionally. Create a transition plan, ensure compliance with labor laws, and start the recruitment process if necessary. 


Exit interviews are also crucial for understanding employee experiences and improving retention in the future. Remember, retaining a good employee long-term is more cost-effective than frequent hiring and training of new staff.


This podcast episode discusses all these in detail. So if you want more information, go ahead and click that play button!


What to do when dealing with remote employees


If you’re dealing with remote and offshore employees, there’s no better way of handling offboarding as well as onboarding replacements than an offshore recruitment agency with expertise in all these processes. 


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