5 MYTHS about Filipino employees

In this episode, Bryan confronts common misconceptions about Filipino employees that unfortunately persist in many American workplaces. From being labeled as unskilled workers to misconceptions about their tech proficiency and cultural adaptability, he sheds light on the truth behind these myths.


MYTH 1: Filipino workers are only unskilled laborers/call center agents/nurses 


While some may stereotype Filipinos as only fit for domestic work or virtual assistance roles, the reality is far from it. Professionals from the Philippines are integral to many big US projects, including engineering and architectural feats. In this episode, Bryan shares his personal experiences working with Filipino employees and explains further why this myth exists in the first place. 


MYTH 2: Filipinos are poor, uneducated, and unable to use the latest tech


Despite being a developing country, the Philippines boasts a strong tech-savvy population. With high internet usage rates and modern business districts like Manila and Cebu, Filipinos are adept at utilizing the latest technology. Bryan dispels this myth by highlighting the country’s digital advancements and the tech proficiency of Filipino professionals.


MYTH 3: Filipinos won’t understand or adapt to our culture


Contrary to popular belief, Filipinos possess high English proficiency and a deep understanding of American culture. From consuming U.S. media to the longstanding alliance between the two countries, Filipinos seamlessly adapt to American work environments. Bryan explores this myth and showcases the cultural adaptability of Filipino employees.


MYTH 4: Filipinos have limited career aspirations


The notion that Filipinos have limited career aspirations is debunked by their high literacy rates and the abundance of licensed professionals in organizations like Tahche. Many Filipinos working abroad hold executive positions in the Philippines, showcasing their dedication and ambition. Bryan challenges this myth and celebrates the career aspirations of Filipino professionals.


MYTH 5: Filipinos are lazy and without initiative


Filipino employees are known for their strong work ethic and initiative, often going above and beyond expectations. Through personal anecdotes and observations, Bryan refutes the myth of Filipino laziness and highlights their dedication to excellence in the workplace.


The stereotypes surrounding Filipino employees are unfounded, and Tahche stands as a testament to the talent and dedication of Filipino professionals, offering skilled, tech-savvy, adaptable, and hard-working employees to businesses worldwide. 


Join us in dispelling these myths and embracing the true value of Filipino talent. And don’t forget to subscribe for more insightful discussions on Philippine business.

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