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Do you have specific rockstar hiring qualifications? Our rockstar hiring team might just be what you need! Particularly, we scout for experienced Business Processing Outsourcing rockstars in Cebu.

Why Cebu Is Your Next Rockstar Hiring Hub

Cebu is the second largest capital of the Philippines booming with crucial talents in I.T., Engineering, Marketing and Sales. Besides these, labor and operating costs are twice as affordable as the standard rate.

  1. Returning Overseas Professionals

At this time, overseas professionals who are highly experienced on a global scale are returning to Cebu. These professionals are bouncing back from massive layoffs and looking for better career opportunities. Our rockstar hiring team has got their eyes on them!

2.2 Million Filipinos Looking For Work

Previously, around 55,000 Filipinos returned to the country after losing their jobs. Some of them include hospitality workers with a solid background in customer service. Moreover, the Philippine Statistics Authority recorded 2.2 million Overseas Filipino Workers (OFWs) aged 30-34 years old. 18 percent are working in service and sales. 8.5 percent working as professionals while 8.7 percent are working as associate professionals and technicians. 

2. Talents With Higher Education Levels

Besides being a rockstar hiring hub, Cebu is home to smart and savvy individuals who are hungry for learning. A huge population are healthcare workers which the world needs most! Also, hardcore IT and marketing specialists are ready to back you up with business promotions.

3. Attractive Multi-million Dollar Investments

Right now, Cebu is constructing multi-million dollar infrastructure projects including office, residential and lifestyle spaces that meet international taste.

Foreign Partnerships

Projects like the Cebu-Cordova Link Expressway (CCLEX) are in partnership with Acciona Construction from Spain. CCLEX connects Cordova and Metro Cebu and is the third iconic bridge in the province.

In addition, Ming-mori Business Park in Minglanilla started building iconic office spaces for businesses including BPO companies. Also, the 25-billion dollar luxury resort Isla de Victoria Cebu is breaking ground in South Road Properties. 

4. Cost-Efficient Labor Sparked by Accelerated Outsourcing Growth

One thing that places Cebu in the spotlight is its globally competitive talents. Firms can get rockstar hiring experts to look for the same or even better talents and build an offshore office in Cebu. Furthermore, Cebu outsourcing firms are also rich in Knowledge Process Outsourcing (KPO) services including  IT, engineering, medical transcription animation etc.

Apart from these, Cebu also ranked 11th of the best outsourcing destinations according to the 2018 Tholons Top 100 Global Outsourcing Destination.

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