COVID-19 Update: TAHCHE’s Business Continuity Plan

COVID-19 in Cebu curfew covers local businesses, exempts food, pharmaceutical, BPO companies

 Cebu City Mayor Edgardo Labella has placed the city under general community quarantine following Executive Order No. 52 effective last March 16, Monday.

One of the key provisions in the order is the implementation of a curfew from 8 p.m. to 5 a.m. daily. This covers not only the city’s constituents but also the operation hours of local businesses. The Executive Order states that establishments can adopt flexible schedules to accommodate their staff and customers.

The Philippines is one of 173 countries and territories that have reported having COVID-19 (coronavirus disease-2019) cases as of March 19, according to the World Health Organization. As the national government had already pushed for a lockdown starting with Metro Manila—with local government units expected to follow—business groups have issued a joint statement last week expressing their support for the government, the nation’s health workers, and encouraging the Filipino people to do the same.

“We strongly urge our members and the public to fully cooperate with the government and our health workers in ensuring early detection and prompt medical response. We are determined to ensure that the health and welfare of our employees, customers, clients and stakeholders is not adversely affected or compromised,”

“With focused attention and unified efforts, we believe that the resiliency and determination of our nation in overcoming the threats posed by COVID-19 will prevail,” the statement added.

For TAHCHE, a list of precautionary measures has been shared to its employees and clients but they have continued to  encourage them to take other precautions as mandated by the national and local government, and as deemed necessary.

Also, it has been discussed on what the plan will be and what they all need to do in these trying times.  Below is the brief of the plan discussed:
1.  Minimize or NO EXPOSURE at all to the virus
2.  Business Continuity to deliver quality  service to our clients
Current State/Plan
1.  Always be updated with the most recent news from the following sites.  DOH and WHO.  Do not panic when reading/hearing other news not from this sites.  Always validate if the news is legit/real.
2.  Elect a flexible schedule
3.  Repeatedly read all precautionary measures on a daily to be better protected.  All necessary supplies have been provided in the office to make sure that we align with the precautions that are needed.
Anticipated State/Plan
*(we do not wish for this to happen but it is better to prepare ahead of what might come)
In the event of a LOCKDOWN where no one outside of Cebu City (Talisay, Minglanilla, South of Cebu, Mandaue, Lapu2, North of Cebu) is allowed to come in the city and vice versa, here are our options:
1.  Work from Home –
2.  Work/Live in the office –
3.  WORK STOPPAGE – this is a last option by the company but shouldn’t limit employees to decide on their own to do so.  A full discussion will also be done should this be the last option.
TAHCHE is still positive that everything will come to pass but we will follow the Anticipated State/Plan that has been communicated  as part of their Business Continuity Plan