Tahche Continues to Provide Quality Service Despite the Pandemic

         The Philippines is one of 173 countries that were reported to have COVID-19. With this, the country had to take several countermeasures to sustain the life of its citizens as well as its economy. It was at this point that the country was placed on lockdown and its numerous cities and municipalities implemented more stringent rules and regulations to keep the infected population from propagating.     

Tahche Outsourcing Services Inc. is a business process outsourcing (BPO) company based in Cebu City, Philippines and on March 16, Cebu City was placed under General Community Quarantine.

         The order of community quarantine caused the prompt closure of several businesses with only a few exemptions allowed; BPOs together with pharmaceutical and food companies were allowed to continue provided that they are able to implement systems that will ensure the safety of their employees.

Business Process Outsourcing Meaning   

Business process outsourcing (BPO) is the engagement of external services for your company’s needs. These services include but are not limited to customer service, human resources, and even sales and marketing. By outsourcing work, instead of posting a job vacancy, hiring, interviewing and sifting through numerous job applications yourself, third party providers, will do all of these for you and even more.

What Tahche Did

         For Tahche, complying with these requirements for continued operation was easy as Tahche is prepared and will always be prepared when it comes to employee safety. Armed with the objective of zero exposure to the virus without ceasing the delivery of quality service to their clients, Tahche continues to battle the pandemic with the following business continuity plan.

         A flexible schedule was implemented to maximize their workforce while providing their employees with the necessary precautionary materials to keep the virus at bay. Sanitizers and masks were provided for employees who continued to work in the office and the workplace was continually sanitized. In addition, Tahche prepared itself for a work from home system where their employees were provided with the necessary materials for them to be able to continue working even within the comforts of their homes. With these systems, even if the city was placed on lockdown Tahche was still able to continue providing quality service to their most beloved clients.

A Veteran in Providing Outsourcing Services

Tahche Outsourcing Services Inc., is a BPO Company that has planted its roots in the industry for decades now. Tahche provides human resources (hr) outsourcing services, legal outsourcing services, telemarketing outsourcing services, management outsourcing services, information technology outsourcing services, software outsourcing services and many more.

Tahche will handle job recruitments and conduct consultation meetings, initiate employee search, job postings and screening assessments. Tahche will provide for your staff needs and build a team tailor fit for you. In addition to that Tahche will take care of all your employees, their contracts and even the space and equipment needed for their services. Tahche will handle the small things that matter and ensure your compliance to tax and statutory remittances so that you won’t have to worry.

Rebuild your business with Tahche Outsourcing Services Inc., and focus on the essentials to make your company grow, contact Tahche Outsourcing Services Inc. through +1347-467-1066 or email Tahche at info@tahche.ph to get a free quote.