The Most Effective Solution For Hybrid Work: Getting An Offshore RPO

Tahche offshore RPO team conducts interview with BPO talents

More companies are adapting hybrid work to follow COVID-19 protocols. It also helped companies cut down on operational costs, find global talents, and enable work flexibility.

However, hiring and managing global talents is complicated and time-consuming when you don’t have experience and the right resources. An Offshore RPO or Recruitment Processing Outsourcing firm helps you search and manage global talents effectively. 

The Challenges of Hybrid Work

Have you spent time, energy and money hiring talents only to find them drop the job offer after they’ve been accepted in another company? This is one of the few reasons why the talent recruitment process is slow. 

Other reasons include:

  • Talents do not fit the company culture
  • Talents lack soft skills
  • Talents lack motivation to work long term

An offshore RPO speeds up the process by using specialized tools and expertise to access global talents. Once they’ve found the right talent for your company, you can either take it from there or opt for a full HR support. 

Also, the legalities of hiring global talents and crafting work policies for hybrid teams are covered by an offshore RPO.

Proven Recruitment Strategies

LinkedIn 2019 Global Trends Report states that 89% of new talents don’t work out because of the lack of soft skills. 8 of 10 companies say soft skills are important for the success of a company. Soft skills include collaboration, emotional intelligence, problem-solving and adaptability. 

Most likely, in traditional interview questions, candidates already know what to say.

There has to be another approach to discovering if these candidates are the right fit for the organization. 

Thankfully, offshore RPOs use strategies like behavioral and tech-based assessments that have been proven to work with their other clients. 

What to Look For In An Offshore RPO

An offshore RPO that delivers on time at a friendly rate is something you should consider. Also, getting an offshore RPO with a full scale of recruitment services can help equip your in-house HR as well. 

A full service Offshore RPO caters to:

  • Legal compliance
  • Administrative services
  • Contract management
  • Employee engagement
  • I.T. services
  • Office space and equipment procurement
  • Facility and Safety Services
  • Policy Design
  • Incorporation

If you need any of these services, please contact us at Tahche

Our team of recruitment experts uses 5-step approach to acquiring and retaining your talent for the long run. 

Tahche’s 5-step Recruitment Approach

Our proven recruitment process includes:

  1. Thorough Consultation 

We schedule calls together to assess your job criteria and propose strategies based on your needs.

  1. Employee Search Using Successful Tools 

Our employee search features fast, accurate and proven tools intended to give you the best match of candidates.

  1. Client and Employee Friendly Onboarding System

We make communication between you and your chosen candidates easier with a preset of files and tools intended for project management. We oversee the process and ensure smooth communication of work responsibilities.

  1. Office and Equipment Procurement Based On A Workable Budget

Whenever you need to start your business in a specific location, we prepare necessary requirements like office and equipment based on your budget. 

  1. Add-on Services As Needed

Other services required for companies to start their offshore office include legal and administrative assistance. 

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