How To Find a Job During COVID-19

How to find a job during COVID-19 is challenging, but with the right tools, you can succeed whether you find a job online or in-person.

A Younger Professional Landscape

How does the pandemic change the way we build a career fresh off from school?

For one, the Philippine talent is expanding from college grads to senior high grads. The professional landscape is getting younger and younger.  Human Resources are also adapting to technology to speed up and qualify professionals who fit their job criteria. 

In a competitive and fast-track professional landscape, how do you stand out?

How Fresh Grads Can Stand Out

Fresh grads should not compare their level of achievement with experienced ones. We all have our time. Likewise, experienced professionals should not be competing with fresh grads as well.

The professional landscape is a level field. The years of experience do not matter as much as the quality of work and skill that each candidate possesses.

Fresh grads should consider challenges in finding a job as an opportunity to get exposure, learn from different companies, and practice their negotiation skills. 

They can stand out by standing up for themselves professionally.

The Professional Way to Find a Job

  1. Start with a professional email address.

Your email address says a lot about who you are, and you usually communicate to companies through this. A professional email address bears your real name or a decent nickname so companies can identify you easily. We recommend using Gmail as it is widely used for sharing documents like Google Docs and Sheets. 

  1. Create a short, concise and sincere cover letter.

Express why you want the job, your goal, and what attracted you to the company. Don’t just impress, but express. 

  1. One-pager resumes that are interactive are the best.

Be a little creative in how you present yourself. Research for decent layouts. Add your career objectives. Make your resume easy to read and understand. Make sure you have all the important info covered in your resume. One-pagers that are well organized gives recruiters an idea of your skills and experience at one glance of a paper.

  1. Follow up politely.

Before you end an interview, ask if you could do a follow-up. If they agree, ask for a number to follow up on your application and see what times you can do the follow-up. Recruiters will appreciate that very much.

  1. Try and try until you succeed.

In the professional world, we will get rejections. That’s okay, move on to the next. The job you wanted might not be yours for a good reason. Stay positive and continue your job search if you don’t get a job right away.

  1. Don’t be choosy, but never settle for less, too.

Strike a balance between not having an entitlement mindset and determining a job that supports your needs. Choose a government-mandated job and gives you compensation and benefits according to the law. 

  1. Consider hybrid work conditions

Work has to be flexible in a pandemic for safety. A good work schedule must also be considered for our health. We can’t work well without good health. 

  1. Start healthy and lasting professional habits

Don’t start professional habits when you are at work, start it as early as now. Be consistent. Professional habits can be as simple as saying please and thank you, offering a helping hand, speaking gently, avoiding gossip, etc.

  1. Build Your Connections.

In this era, you need a good LinkedIn profile, which is our professional profile. Connect with colleagues and people you’ve worked with in the past. Ask for recommendations. Create an impressive online portfolio and link it to your LinkedIn account. Many free sites offer beautiful, one-pager portfolios, so you can showcase your work related to your career path.

  1. Don’t be afraid to make mistakes. 

Mistakes are unavoidable, but they can be minimized when you learn from them. Always treat mistakes as stepping stones for success.

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