Do Breaks Boost Productivity In A BPO Setting?

Do you believe breaks boost productivity? We asked ex-BPO and BPO employees how they spend their break time in the office or at home.

female BPO employee taking a break at the office.

Short, Fulfilling Breaks Boost Productivity by 25%

Never underestimate the power of short, but fulfilling breaks. Slowing down can actually have a positive impact on your productivity. International Journal Cognition reports that taking a short break from tasks can help you focus longer.

University of Illinois professor Alejandro Lleras said the brain stops responding to senses when the stimulus remains constant overtime. In other words, repeating a task can make our brain accustomed to work and no longer treats it as significant.

How BPO employees take a break in the office or while working from home.

One Contributor to High Retention Rates

High retention rates are a sign of a strong BPO company because of two things:

  1. They are able to keep their employees motivated to work at their best.
  2. The company continues to expand despite the negative effects of the pandemic on businesses. 

How Satisfying Breaks Is Linked to Career Contentment

Abraham Maslow’s hierarchy of needs places self-actualization at the top of every human need and careers cannot satisfy this. However, HR can promote the wellbeing of its employees in hectic and highly demanding environments such as BPOs.

Satisfying breaks fall under the work-life balance which is a big factor in job satisfaction. Breaks boost productivity by lightening the workload. Active breaks like talking to peers, taking the stairs and switching tasks can also improve work performance. Research shows that active breaks can minimize the risk of depression, obesity, heart disease and diabetes.

Healthy Breaks

Breaks that boost productivity can also improve your mental and physical health. Studies show that brief but meaningful breaks improve career contentment and increase company retention rate.

How BPO employees take a break in the office or while working from home.

How to Take Better Breaks

Not all types of breaks are suitable for every employee. In general, physical and mental health should always be a top priority when it comes to taking better breaks.

Simply ask yourself or your employees, what works for you? What inspires you? Also, what areas in your life do you need to work on?

In this way, you have a better picture of what kind of break fits you best. Breaks not only improve an individual, it also enhances the surrounding environment. There is more willingness and more focus to work better when everyone is well-rested.

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How BPO employees take a break in the office or while working from home.
How BPO employees take a break in the office or while working from home.


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